About Us

Our Mission

Artible(SoCo), Inc. helps artists and creatives develop the necessary skills to support their creative endeavors; fostering creative entrepreneurship, innovation, and social & economic change.

Who We Are

We're a nonprofit dedicated to helping artists and creatives thrive. We do this through consulting, workshops, training programs, and providing resources & support.

Board of Directors FY 2019

Our Story

Meredith is the President & Founder of ArtibleSoCo, Inc. which helps artists develop the necessary skills to support their creative endeavors. With over 10 years of experience in Arts education and a lengthy career in the Corporate sector, specifically Training & Development, Meredith decided to focus her efforts in founding a nonprofit in 2018. She was inspired to focus on the business of the Arts because when she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UMass Dartmouth, she felt ill prepared selling herself as an artist, applying for grants, budgeting, and overall running her Art business. Twenty years later, there’s still a need for these core skills. Meredith is now using her professional experience to help support the sustainability of the local Arts community.