Building Competence, Confidence, and Community to Support the Sustainability of the Arts

Our young adult arts entrepreneurial program enables participants to gain employable skills through the successful completion of the program. Students enrolled in this program not only have access to our curriculum, but also: a maker-space, art materials, open studio time, creative opportunities, resources, networking, and more. They will be an active part of a creative community within a thriving Arts hub. 

Surveys have shown that business executives have seen a lack of deeper learning skills within their workforce and it has been proven that paring 21st century workforce skills with arts education can have a positive effect on learning critical employable skills, such as: creativity, teamwork, and perseverance. Our curriculum is built off of these understandings.

The goal of the young adult arts entrepreneurial program is to help participants develop the necessary skills to pursue a career in the Arts; embark on post-secondary schooling in the Arts; and/or enter the workforce within the creative economy.

The main objectives include:

  • Enable participants to obtain exposure to employment within the creative economy
  • Collaborate with other Arts organizations to provide work experience within the local Arts community
  • Provide a measurable increase in Creative Entrepreneurial skills, including but not limited to Financial Literacy and Basic Business Skills
  • Build Leadership skills to encourage responsibility, confidence, and employability
  • Follow-up services to support participant success